It's possible to order a linen lampshade from LouLouLight with different lamps in our webshop. We choose the size and because tastes differ, it is possible to choose a color yourself. We have different colors available in our webshop. The delivery time of a lampshade is 2 weeks, because the lampshade is custom made in their own workshop. We will send you the lamp, after we received the lampshade in our warehouse.

If you have more questions, please contact us!


About LouLouLight

LouLouLight is a lighting brand that wants to do things a little differently. They make all their products theirselves in their own workshop. They don't believe in mass production or get it from far away. LouLouLight uses honest materials that they get from as many local suppliers as possible. Their goal is to keep the chain short, so they ensure less transport and less waste.


In their workshop in Aalsmeer they make every lampshade by hand with the highest quality. Attention to detail and finish of the lampshade is very important.

The materials they use for the lampshades are of the best quality. LouLouLight pays attention to sustainability and try to get the fabrics as much as possible from and around Europe.

The flax for the linen they use is grown in Eastern Europe and it is woven and dyed with natural pigments from Scandinavia. The natural linen lampshades are unpainted and unbleached. Linen is a natural product and much less water is needed for its production than for cotton, for example.

The linen is also ecologically dyed. Until the invention of synthetic dyes in the nineteenth century, textiles were dyed almost exclusively with dyes extracted from plants.